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Twenty-four years ago, Urban Ventures planted roots into one of the worst corners in Minneapolis. Today, we are still on that same corner, and we are winning. Rooted is your opportunity to unite behind a solution that’s transforming the city from the inside out.


A B O U T   U S


Urban Ventures is breaking the cycle of poverty through innovative programs and social enterprises that empower families to take control of their futures.

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A  S O L U T I O N
T H A T' S  W O R K I N G:

O U R  R E S U L T S

Employed adults

861 full-time, living wage jobs placed with an 84% job retention rate.

Educated Kids

70% of UV youth outperform their peers in K-8 reading comprehension.

Engaged families

95% of Urban Ventures families report significantly improved relationship skills.

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