2017 CSA Registration


CSA registration

    ▶   Fill your CSA bag with exactly the produce you want. 
    ▶   Pick up at one of three locations, Monday - Thursday
    ▶   CSA runs 16 weeks starting Ju;ly 7
    ▶   Full share feeds 3-4, half share feeds 1-2

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NOTE: Donated shares are tax-deductible. Personal shares are not.


CSA information

What is a CSA?

Each Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member pays a share of farming costs, and in turn receives a weekly assortment of fresh, locally-grown vegetables. CityKid Enterprises pledges to grow all produce using organic methods without pesticides.

What makes our CSA different?

You get to fill your CSA bag with the produce of your choice. Plus, our CSA members have the unique opportunity to buy or split their share with an Urban Ventures family that has limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables.



1.     What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSAs are a way for community members to buy local produce directly from a farm. Every week, members receive “shares” of seasonal produce directly from the farm. Customers invest in a membership receive a weekly share (bag) of vegetables. CSAs link people to their food and their local community.

2.     What kinds of vegetables are included? Does it change week-to-week?

There are over 40 different herbs and vegetables that will be grown and given in a share throughout the 16 weeks. We have three different parts to the season: spring vegetables, summer vegetables and fall vegetables.

Spring (June/July): broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, peas, garlic scapes, onions, beans, kale, collards

Summer (August): Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, carrots, melons, onions, basil, beets, summer squash, greens, beets and sweet corn

Fall (September) vegetables: Tomatoes, potatoes, melon, winter squash, cabbage, rosemary, parsley, dill, cilantro, zucchini

3.     How much food is included in a half share? A whole share

A whole share can feed a family of 4-6 and a half share can feed 2-3

4.     Do I get to pick out what I want or is it pre-selected?

The types of vegetables and numbers of each are pre-determined.

5.     What if I cannot pick up during the designated pick up times? 

You are welcome to have someone else pick up your share. If this is not possible you will forego your share for that week. If you are an NHS member and miss more than four times your membership will be discontinued so we can give it to someone on the wait list. If you are facing difficulty getting to pick up but would like to keep your share, please let us know and we will talk about potential solutions together.

6.     Can someone else pick up for me?


7.     What is the full impact of my membership? 

Employment: Local youth benefit immensely from the opportunity to learn about healthy eating, sustainable agriculture, and work skills from employment at CityKids Farms. Their responsibilities include working and managing the traditional and hydroponic farms, extracting honey from bee hives, and selling fresh produce.

Nutrition: Health and nutrition are major barriers for low income families as healthy, fresh foods are often more expensive and less accessible than unhealthy foods. Poor nutrition, especially in children can hinder development and ability to learn. It can alsolead to long term health problems.

By making local produce affordable and accessible, we are investing in the long term health of our communities. Produce from the farm not only goes to CSA and NHS shares, it also is used to serve thousands of lunches in our Youth Café.

Education: To ensure our communities are equipped to cook and enjoy the vegetables, we provide nutritional education in the form of classes for families and kids as well as a two-week summer camp called Farmers in Training (FIT).