Athletics Coach

Urban Ventures Athletics facilitates long lasting positive relationships where we are growing and developing the athletes mind, body and spirit.

Basketball and soccer coaches use leadership, supervisory, and teaching skills to develop players and teams, build relationships and support each team's head couch.

Time Commitment:  Practice twice a week for 2 hours, games twice a week. Occasional tournaments.
Specific Hours: Weeknights 5-8 pm. Occasional weekends.

High School Mentor

Love Jesus, love kids. We present the Gospel to youth in Minneapolis through fostering deep, personal relationships. Serve as a mentor and walk alongside youth in both life and faith, mentoring, supporting, and loving them throughout life's circumstances. We currently have a need for MEN specifically to be mentors.

Time Commitment: 4 - 6 hours/week for 12 months. 
Specific Hours: High school- Monday 6-8 pm and Middle school- Thursday 6-8 pm. Weekly meetings with mentees for 1-2 hours.

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Center for Families Children's Program

The Center for Families: Siempre Padres provides 20-week classes that equip parents to build strong, healthy families. While parents are in class, children learn and have fun in a safe, interactive, and educational environment. 

We are looking for volunteers on Monday and Wednesday nights to work with the Center for Families: Siempre Padres Children's Program.

Time Commitment: Monday or Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8 pm.
Specific Dates: Monday nights starting July 23 - December 10 or Wednesday nights starting July 18 - December 19.


K-8 Youth Center Volunteer

Urban Ventures Youth Center provides students in elementary and middle school with a safe, supportive after-school environment.  A two component program provides students with academic assistance in the areas of reading, math, and vocabulary; and enrichment classes that provide an interest or skill building in various science and technology based activities, fine arts, and more. Students will live in the Phillips Community in Minneapolis and primarily

Positions Include: Classroom Aide, Project Design Aide, Academic Tutor, and Activity Leader
Time Commitment: 1.5 - 3 hours/week
Specific Hours: 3:30-6 pm, Monday - Friday (during the school year)