"Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."

Martin Luther King Jr. gave us these words to inspire and move us to action—teaching us that engaging in someone else’s experience is a benefit to oneself. In an age when individualism seems to be the default approach to living, many of us long for a shared experience —a community, an extended family if you will,  with which to identify and be supported.

At Urban Ventures, understanding and addressing the needs of our community members has never been as vital as with many of our first- generation families.    

One such need is providing clarity and guidance regarding changing immigration laws, both locally and nationally. 

In March, Urban Ventures hosted attorneys from local organizations who answered questions, as well as a family therapist who coached the children on how to manage stress and emotions during uncertain times.

Over 300 participants came to listen and ask questions about their rights, children’s security and the current culture. “Just like every parent; we need to know our children will be taken care of.”             

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