My name is Jacy Brown. Thank you for letting me share my story.

See, until you’re broken, you don’t really know what you’re made of. I was once broken. I made bad choices. I lived in a homeless shelter. I missed my family.

But that was my past.

Earlier this year I graduated from college. Today, I have a great job. I pay my rent. I am there for my family.

I am living proof that anything is possible.

The difference has been Urban Ventures. People at Urban Ventures brought out my potential. They showed me that I didn’t need a handout.

Instead, they gave me a hand up.

They helped in so many areas of my life: finding better housing, landing a job to pay my way through school, navigating relationship issues... they even helped me with my algebra homework.

Today, I know that failure is not in the falling down, but in the staying down. My time at Urban Ventures taught me that if you make mistakes, even serious ones, there’s another chance for you.

I am no longer ashamed to say that I was once broken. I am so proud to say that today I am stronger than ever.

I’m filled with hope for the future of my kids and my grandkids. I’ve seen how my own success has brought stability to their lives.

Thank you for supporting Urban Ventures. Thank you for supporting me.