Poverty Simulation

It takes strength to be poor.  Are you strong enough?


Hard Choices

Poverty means making hard choices.  Have you ever had to decide between paying rent and buying groceries?  Had to tell your kids that they can't play a sport because it's too expensive?  Lived in fear of the bad break that could send you under?  These situations are reality for many in our community.  

Walk in their shoes

Our hands-on simulation invites you to step into the shoes of Urban Ventures’ neighbors.  Gain a deeper understanding of the many facets of poverty by traversing a month for a family of five on a limited budget.  You must make decision about housing, childcare, and more while also facing the unexpected situations of real life. 

More Information

Sign up as an individual or a family to take this journey together.  Grow in awareness and compassion.

Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday, November 7 | 6 - 7:30 pm

Urban Ventures' Colin Powell Center
2924 Fourth Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Simulations are free to attend, donations are accepted. RSVP required.  

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Have a group of 12+?

Schedule a poverty simulation for your church, office, or group of friends.  Locations and times are flexible. Contact Jason to schedule a group poverty simulation. JasonThompson@urbanventures.org