A b o u t   t h e   E v e n i n g


One Night.
500 families empowered out of poverty.


T h e   S p e a k e r
Sheila Raye Charles

As a talented singer/songwriter, Shelia Raye Charles finds her voice in acoustic jazz and R&B, with lyrics that engage audiences in the journey of her life and relationship with her legendary father, Ray Charles.  

Join as she candidly shares stories of her life's most challenging moments and her journey of spiritual renewal and personal growth, while at the same time delivering life-giving music.


T h e   D e t a i l s
One of our city's high-profile events —

The Urban Ventures' Fall Event continues to draw nearly 1,000 distinguished guests each year. Dinner is prepared by Twin Cities' restauranteurs and served by Urban Ventures' Participants.

The event is held on the campus of Urban Ventures, in the Colin Powell Center.  Enjoy live entertainment, stories of empowerment, and unite behind a solution that is working.