Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, call 612.638.1000 and our front desk will be happy to transfer you.
*Leadership Team Member


Nancy Adan
Program Assistant, Learning Lab

David Anderson
Marketing Communications Coordinator

Omar Artega
Facilities Worker

Valentine Awasom
Youth Development Specialist

Patrick Baggett
Maintenance Supervisor

Tyler Benson
Information Systems Manager

Steve Bergman
Head Chef, Kids Cafe

Kyle Boyes
Assoc. Dir. of Church and Community Engagement

Amy Brenna
Office Administrator and Payroll Coordinator

Franklin Briceño
Director, Siempre Padres

Michael Brooks
Youth Programs Assistant

Jamael Brown
Facilities Worker

Priscilla Brown
Director, Center for Fathering

Wesley Brunk
Senior Facilities Coordinator

Sean Burns
Youth Development Specialist

Nick Doble
Kitchen Assistant

Ashley Elgard
Youth Development Specialist

George Ellis
Operations Manager, Urban Stars

Art Erickson
Urban Ventures Founder, Studio 180

Susana Espinosa de Sygulla*
VP, Director, Latino Outreach

Peggy Fink*
VP, Advancement

Nichole Flowers
Director, Learning Lab

Alan Goroztieta Morantes
Assistant Athletics Director, Urban Stars

Myrna Garcia
Latino Family Advocate

Julie Grengs
Sr. Program Coordinator, Center for Fathering

Troy Groenke
Assoc. Dir. of Marketing & Communications

Stan Hill
Director, Ready? Set! Work...

Ellen Hinrichs*
Director, Organizational Development

Sarah Holle
Market Manager

Paris Jackson

Sara Johnson
Database Administrator

Thomas Krolak
Finance Director

Important Layeni
Facilities Worker


Andrew Lonsbury
Director of Advancement

Mark-Peter Lundquist*
VP, Outreach

Julia Mayorquin
Latino Family Advocate, Siempre Padres

Mayra Medina
Program Assistant, Act Six

Tom Meier
Office Assistant

Margaret Miles
Grant Writer

Cade Mohammed
Director of Security

Raul Montes Sarco
Facilities Worker

Pete Morse*
VP, Youth Programs

Brian Noy
Operations Manager, CityKid Enterprises

Olivia O'Neil
Facilities Worker

Henry Patton
Employment Specialist, Ready? Set! Work.

Tracey Pitman
General Manager, CityKid Java

Tony Podtburg
Facilities Supervisor

John Roemhild
Coordinator and Instructor, Music Academy

Marisol Rosado-Carrisalez
Program Assistant, Act Six

Gina Rios
Youth Development Specialist, Learning Lab

Gary Ross
Youth Specialist, CityKid Enterprises

Roger Ross
Director, Urban Stars

Dan Schwartz
Help Desk Technician

Elizabeth Scott
Account Manager, CityKid Java

Romericus Sims
Senior Program Recruiter

Sarah Spiegle
Events Manager
LaToya Taris-James

Urban Ventures: Young Life Associate

Jake Thompson
Urban Ventures: Young Life Associate

Jason Thompson
Job Developer, Ready? Set! Work...

Vianey Torres
Case Manager, Center for Fathering

John Turnipseed*
Executive Vice President

Matt von Ende*
General Manager

Jocelynn White
Administrative Coordinator

Danielle Wojdyla
Director of Social Enterprise