Community engagement:


Why partner with Urban Ventures?

To participate in our community's transformation. To enhance corporate culture. For good-cause marketing. 
Contact: Andrew Lonsbury, 612.545.9880


We take pride in forging “win-win” corporate partnerships that efficiently benefit both sides. We never take without looking at how we can give to your vision for corporate engagement.


Urban Ventures is large enough in scope, real estate, and staffing to think big. We are also small enough to be personal, flexible, and creativerallying around a partnership that’s unique to you.


What makes a win-win partnership?


Participate in the giving opportunities that get you excited and fuel your businesses' passion for community engagement. 

1. Support Urban Ventures financially

  • Underwrite an entire program or fund a specific need
  • Sponsor a community event or fundraiser

2. Volunteer

  • Specialized volunteer services for a specific project
  • Fill regular volunteer positionsone time and ongoing

3. Buy CityKid products from our social enterprises

  • Our coffee-for-business program is served at 100+ local organizations; yours should be one of them!

4. Hire from UV's employment center, Ready? Set! Work…

5. Host a Lunch & Learn to increase momentum around your workplace giving, corporate match, or United Way campaign.

  • We can bring speakers and educational resources to your business campus
  • Host a combined volunteer/fundraising event focused around a corporate match


Enhance your corporate culture and facilitate meaningful opportunities for your employees. 

1. Meaningful engagement opportunities for employees

  • One-time team volunteer projects for all size groups (1-100+)
  • Reduced-rate room rentals for offsite team/board meetings; click to view facilities available for rental
  • Urban Poverty Simulation

2. Special event experiences connect you to a network of prospective clients from UV's donor base

3. Delicious, socially responsible products for your staff

  • CityKid sampler boxes make the perfect gifts

4. Meet hiring, diversity, and retention goals

5. Access to speakers for corporate functions

6. Co-marketing, publicity, and press release opportunities

“Our company used to think of ‘community give-back’ as warm fuzzies and a tax write-off. With Urban Ventures, our staff sees the enormous impact they are making in the community. It has changed the mindset and attitudes of our employees at every level of our business, and it permeates to our customers as we tell our story. All this working together makes us feel every bit part of a broader vision of a city without urban poverty.”